"This is Sheriff Buford T. Justice and I am in high speed pursuit, don't nobody get in my way".

Above- This is on Ojai Ave passing Ohi Frostie with Carrows on the right.

Above- This is El Paseo Rd and Ojai Ave.  The tree is still there as of 2003.
The tree's trunk is painted white to make it more visible so people won't plow into it.
In Ojai we do not cut down trees for the road, the trees become part of the road.

Above- El Paseo

Above- This is on Ojai Ave at El Paseo.  The Shela Cluff park is there now (2003).

This was a nice looking station and I always wondered if the people at the station still live in Ojai.

Intersection of Ojai Ave and El Paseo

This photo shows how close some of the stunts really are.

Click here  if you want to hear the Sherrif talking about the lack of respect of the law (12 kb MP3 file).
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