Started in Oct. 2003
Useful tips that I have read in PC World
The following are some of the useful apps I've used or you can
go directly to their download page.

Vista Shortcut Manager- Remove the shortcut overlay arrow.
WinBubble- Customize and tweak your Windows Vista with ease.
KeepVid- Save Flash files (youtube) to your PC.
Torrify- Surf anonymously.
Belarc Advisor- Shows hardware and software on your PC in detail.
Startup Inspector- Control the apps that start up with your PC. free fast technical support.
SpeedFan- Freeware. Monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures.
Super Fast Shutdown 
HandyBitsVoice Mail- Free, so you don't have to type your emails all the time.
Eraser- an advanced security tool which allows you to completely remove sensitive data.
StationRipper- Separates mp3 files from streaming audio. This file is only 1 mb.
Replay Radio- Record Streaming Audio.
WinM8- can remember 80,000 clips.  Windows can only remember ONE.
HDD Health- Monitor your Hard Drive health.
PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery- Recover Lost Files That Aren't in the Recycle Bin.
AVAST!- antivirus
Winroll- Roll up your windows instead of minimizing them.
Hard Drive Indicator- Put your drive's "busy" light in your tray bar.
Post-it® Software Notes - Virtual Post-its for your PC.
Startup Cop - Helps you handle problems with programs that are automatically launched at startup.
Which Background Programs Can I Close?
DisplayMate - Fine tune your monitor.
Gspot - Codec finder then head to
Flash Movie Extract Pilot - Extracts all cached flash movies and plays them.
Scanit- Check your browser for any java leaks

Don't forget to check out my HELP/Utility page for more goodies.
Setting up a new PC
There are the main apps I install when I set up a new PC for friends: or Opera for browsing the web.  DON'T USE INTERNET EXPLORER.
Windows AntiSpyware
AVG Antivirus
HandyBits Zip&Go- Free Zip tool.